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kiss. me. dead.

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6/1/06 04:10 pm

i want friends. like real friends.
something or ones that i can reach out to.
talk to. not worry about.

i find myself jealous of others with that.
isnt that just tacky.

4/3/06 03:06 pm

not much to write in here.
my weekend was full

whatever happened to a couple of drinks at guadalajara??

HAHAHHAA. yeah. we are bad.
went to numbers on friday. right.
i think so. yeah i did. oh yeah.
friday night.
anyways. it went ok.
i saw cherryhooker.
i hate her. i just beamed the ugliest look to her.
i was so tempted to kick her in her ugly ass teeth.
i was annoyed about something else and to be able to take it out on her.
would of been so great. but then i realized im 27 not 17 and i refrained
plus. me and jail. *gag* no way jose :d

hmm. but. friday i got some stuff figured out. and then a little more
the rest of the weekend. i guess it was ok. and utah is being decent.
for now although. im still just doing whats best for me and colin
and not trying to appease him ...anymore.
and it seems to be working out. ... for now. like i said. whatever.

saturday. hmm. oh. yeah. got tanked.
dance with some fairies. hahah yeah you are :d
and stuff. and stuff.
woke up hung over on sunday.
is today only monday.
i think i got a job.
well maybe. DAMN IT WHY IS THIS SO HARD!!!

tonight. is the sounds.
but i guess we arent going.
oh well. but now im uber jealous
cause beth is going to see the yeah yeah yeahs.
haha. YEAH I AM!!! HAHAH
i hope they come here!! yeah.

this is the song with the pills part.

this computer is moving like so slow. ...really really annoying. !! haha.
hope you guys are having a great day too ...*sarcasm* about my great day duh guh huh jajajpurewiop[elcklj

hehehehheheheheh i need a cig. im off to go smoke and then leave
utah is spending time with colin on a non weekend.
*gasp* and the whole crowd faints. bye.

3/22/06 08:01 pm - uhmm hi.


walking around bizarre bazaar with the hook aka
abortion tool. and bobbing my head
singing this song. STONED

i miss those days.
thats all.
its a camel toe and thats a fact.

oh where did you go kristine.
come back now. im lonely.

2/22/06 07:18 pm

p.s. my arm pits are sweating.

however. someone stole my deodorant!! yeah.
*rolls eyes* thanks. sister.

2/17/06 01:00 pm

gotta see utah. im so sick of his excuses.
whatever. anyways. haha

ugh. nothing to write.s till.
why am i too scared to tell my momma
im not coming home this weekend.
such a puss bag.

i talked to an old friend today.
it was nice.
she kind of went through the same stuff.
her ex and utah were best friends. actually.

he ended up going to jail
when he got out. the first time. yeah.
he wanted me to do porn with him
eww. yeah. i never thought he was cute.
haha. ugh not that i would do that nayways.
i just reread that and eww to me.
all the other girls did.
ooh shane. this and that.
i always thought he looked like an
anorexic monkey. boy.

she told me he called her and was all
obsesso about how hott i was
she was always a really great friend to me.
i wonder where that got lost at.
shes gonna be in alvin this weekend.
anyways. im so hungry. like yeah.
there is nothing to eat here.
i wish neda would take me to get a
good hamburger and coke. mmm. hmm.

the internet is boring today.
im hungry.
i hope this weekend is uber coooool :D

1/22/06 06:09 pm

im such a lucky girl

12/12/05 11:05 am

first entry.

im erasing you
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